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October 26, 2008


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i am sure dt and co are crying about losing a liberal reader!

you probably have as much money as you do sense which obviously isn't much!

btw, i thought you were a woman until i checked out your site.

wtf kind of name is "cameron" for a man?


"cameron newland" sounds like some sort of metro-sexual alias! is that your real name?

is your mommy going to wipe the tears off little cameron's face after his lover obama loses?

go john and sarah!
we will shock the world!

George Ellis

@ staci--I like your style. :)

I checked out this fellow's site and found this gem--"Cameron is also an unapologetic Europhile".

I don't think that is really who Drunktrader is trying to speak to. Cameron looks like a typical HuffPo type who talks big on the Net but is a sissy in the streets. Why would he even read this site anyway? I guess he is just a troll. Good riddance.

Great work as always Drunktrader. Me and my family love your stuff.

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