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October 25, 2008


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we should riot if john and sarah lose!


Good to know our resident DrunkTader isn't drinking the Obama kool-aid.

The polls are all over the place with 3-4 polls showing the race tied to Obama up only 1-3 points.

Then you have those liberal rags like the WAPO, NYT/CBS NewsWeek that has Obama up double digits.

I'm still predicting a McCain/Palin win! Let the rioting begin!


The polls showing huge leads for Obama are taken not to reflect accurately public opinion, but to try to influence the outcome by depressing turnout for McCain. The media and their polls are so in the tank for Obama, they will do anything to portray him as "unbeatable".

Unfortunately, if the electorate does comes to its senses and does not elect the most liberal and most inexperienced candidate to ever run, I'm afraid that parts of Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Newark and New York will be devastated.

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